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The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital provides a comprehensive specialist service for neuromuscular disorders for children and young people throughout the North West as well as nationally and internationally.

The neuromuscular department at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is a centre of excellence and a tertiary referral centre holding regular outreach clinics. The department has close links with child psychiatry, psychology, neurosurgery, metabolic medicine, clinical genetics and paediatric intensive care. It holds Specialist clinics in neuromuscular disorders.

The new Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital opened on Thursday 11th June 2009. It has been designed so that all departments are close to the equipment and support that they need. This means patients and staff won’t have to travel far within the hospital. With 371 beds it is the largest single-site children’s hospital in the UK.

How to access the service

Patients can be referred by a GP, community pediatrician, or a consultant that they are receiving ongoing care with. Care advisors can be reached out of hours if desperately needed.

The team

Consultant Neurologists

Consultant paediatric neurologists at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital with an interest in neuromuscular disease.

Dr Imelda Hughes

Dr Gary McCullagh

Dr Emily Whitehouse

Dr Uma Varma


Neuromuscular Specialist Practitioners

Our specialist practitioners, provide practical and emotional support for families affected by muscular dystrophy and related neuromuscular conditions. They support children and young people up to the age of 18. Get in touch by telephone on 0161 701 0679.

Janet Johnson

Charis Durrant

Nicola Earl

Ashlea Spence


Neuromuscular Specialist Physiotherapists

Sinead Warner

Emily Reading


Neuromuscular Specialist Occupational Therapist

Morgan Tarlton