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The Walton Centre offers a comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic and support service for adult patients in the North West of England with neuromuscular disorders (NMD), including myasthenia gravis, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory myopathy, and peripheral nerve disorders. The Centre also provides physiotherapy assessments and has neuromuscular care advisors on site, who can also make home visits.

Patients can also see speech and language therapists have respiratory assessments and genetics services off site as well as access to a Clinical Trial Unit.

The Centre is recognised by Muscular Dystrophy UK as a Centre of Clinical Excellence for Adults and hold five clinics weekly.

How to access the centre

To attend the centre a referral must be faxed by a GP or consultant to the patient appointment centre. Your appointment will then be confirmed by letter and enclosed will be all the information that you may require to attend your appointment.

The team

Dr Charlotte Dougan

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Charlotte Dougan is the lead consultant for neuromuscular conditions at The Walton Centre as well as being Programme Director for Neurology at the Centre. Dr Dougan delivers transition clinics with Dr Spinty from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital for young people with muscular dystrophy and related conditions.

Dr Patha Ray

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Ray has been a consultant in Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology at The Walton Centre since 2004. Dr Ray undertakes assessments of all neuromuscular disorders and has a special interest in the diagnosis of neuromuscular junction disorders.

Dr James Holt

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Holt is part of the team delivering the specialist neuromuscular service at the Walton Centre. He does a weekly neuromuscular clinic with a focus on nerve disorders, as well as a general neurology clinic. Dr Holt has specific interests in service improvement and neurology teaching.

Dr Sivakumar Sathasivam

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Sathasivam has been a consultant in Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology at The Walton Centre since 2007. His speciality areas are headache, neuromuscular disorders and peripheral nerve disease.

Alison Brown

Neuromuscular Care Advisor

Alison is a registered nurse for both children and adults, currently working towards a degree in Health and Social Care. She joined the neuromuscular team in March 2009 after spending 10½ years working in a Children's Hospice, where she helped set up the very successful service they now offer. Get in touch with Alison by E: or T: 0151 252 5451.

Shirley Crosbie

Regional Care Advisor

Shirley joined the care advisor team in March 2009. Previously she managed services for disabled children and their families in both the Health and Education fields and more recently she managed the Disability Rights Commission/IPSEA Disability Discrimination in Schools Project covering England and Wales. Get in touch with Shirley by E: or T: 0151 252 5747.

Other key people in the team include:

  • Mrs Nicola White, Physiotherapist
  • Alison Shillington, Paediatric Physiotherapist/community Liaison
  • Lydia Vallance, Specialist Nurse
  • Dr Rob Angus, Respiratory And Ventilation Service
  • Mrs Michelle Ennis, Occupational Therapist



Clinics are held at The Walton Centre

  • Adult neuromuscular clinics
  • Peripheral nerve clinic
  • Transitional clinic
  • Neurophysiology clinics