David Howard is excited to be taking part in the Great North Run in his wheelchair, this weekend

David Howard, who has facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), is excited to be taking on the Great North Run this weekend in his wheelchair. His friend David Nicholson will be pushing him along the route. The two Davids, from Milford, have been close friends since David N signed up for David H’s football team in 2007.

David H said:

I've never been to Newcastle, so I’m looking forward to seeing the sites, the other runners and people watching us do this for charity during the run. Both our parents and our partners are coming with us, and it will be great to have them there for this occasion. I can't wait to experience it all and then go to the MDUK charity tent at the end to meet the other people running for this amazing cause. We have already raised over £3,000. Thank you so much to everybody who has donated so far, let's hope the total grows some more over the weekend. Thanks to MDUK as well for helping promote this run for us and the great support they have offered throughout. They really are an amazing charity and put in so much effort.