Emily on 'Breaking Out' in Lockdown 3

In my last blog it was lockdown 2.0, and now we find ourselves in the midst of a third.

In the same way as last time, it hasn’t really changed anything for me but I’m pleased we are on the right side of Spring with that to look forward to.

In a way, the anticipation before Spring arrives creates a feeling within that makes this period my favourite time of year as opposed the season itself. And, I’m overjoyed to report I’ve spied some yellow in my lawn - a sleepy primrose or two trying their best to bloom.

The cold and the dark have not been the easiest to cope with which is actually when I think about it, going to sound rather ironic later on so hold that thought re the cold.

As I look up from writing this, I see a man in me garden holding a tape measure. He waves and I wave back, I have an idea why he’s here, so I shimmy to my front door trying not to fall ‘a over t’ and we have rather a good old natter about my prospective driveway and front ramp. Ah, but the primroses!

So he had come to “break me out” as I thought, hopefully soon as a driveway will mean I can get to my car safely and without the use of a fellow human.

I also discovered that he knows my uncle, small world ‘n’ all that. I promised him tea and cake so for sure he’ll be back to decimate my lawn.

However that said, I’m determined to put back twice as much into my garden to make up for what will be taken away. I’ll lose about half my lawn perhaps slightly more but this I cannot dwell upon and I must detach from the thought.

To keep me going through this third staying in period rather excitingly (for me) I’ve booked several online retreats over the coming weeks, each one is very different, but they share the same essence of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

One is with Wim Hof ‘The Iceman’ himself and involves a couple of sessions of cold-water therapy. I never thought I’d ever be Zooming in my tankini but it’s happening! I’ll have to make do with a cold shower despite being advised an ice bath is the ideal for the cold exposure.

I just find it amusing there will probably be hundreds of us in our swimwear, some in speedo's, no doubt showering or bathing live on air followed by some “hoo hah-ing” afterwards to warm up. Madness but I love it!

How awesome is it that we can be so closely connected with these people nowadays?

I’m also joining a 3-day satsang with the spiritual teacher Mooji, another soul I never thought I’d “meet”.

I love this translation of satsang “being in the company of the wise” I think that sums it up perfectly.