So much is worth waiting for in February - says Emily Bonner

Life with muscle-wasting condition involves a lot of waiting and, as we transition from January to February, there is plenty which is worth waiting for.

I may sign up to a class or two at my local arts centre where they have just launched online events. I rather fancy splashing some paint about and getting into an artistic mess.

I’ve also applied for a temporary job with the upcoming Census! This may well be a big shock to the system as I have not worked for nearly a year now. The last time I was in full-time employment was over a decade ago during the time when a simple visit to my GP started my MD journey.

Now I look back and wonder how I ever lugged a whole rump of beef over my shoulder, wearing and walking in heavy steel toe caps in case a knife went through my toes - they didn’t stop me slicing my hand open a couple of times though! I worked in a butchery, if you hadn’t guessed that already.

Nowadays I can barely lift a cup to my mouth using my dominant left hand and actually in the last three weeks, a slight decline in strength has been noticed during an online physio class when I couldn’t quite get hand to shoulder as I could before. It felt like something had been shortened. Even eating a bag of crisps is tricky!

This new weakness is probably just the old progression but the last time I had an issue was after clinging onto the back of a motorbike. I put so much strain through my arms that when I got to safety and attempted to lift a glass to my mouth I just couldn’t!

Back to the possible new job, I’m relying purely on the fact it’s mainly home working, whilst trusting my driveway will be done in time so I can access my car and do the occasional office visits. Let’s see what happens. I passed the assessment and next step is a 20 minute chat to gauge my suitability.

I’ve always been fascinated with the Census as since 2005 I’ve been dabbling in and out of researching my ancestry.

It’s funny how small our world is. I was recently contacted by a chap who is a distant cousin who thought he used to work with my sister. I sent a photo of him over to her and asked, “Do you know this man?” Of course she knew him! She never forgets a face! They were occasionally on the beat together and went out drinking once or twice, not knowing they shared a great great great grandparent or something! I’m amused he found me and contacted me via Facebook – a retired cop doing some detective work! Can’t hide from anyone in this day and age!