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Celebrating our first ever accessible golf day

13 September 2023

Last month, we teamed up with The Golf Trust at The Shire, London, to host our first ever accessible golf day. With the support of coaches, there was an opportunity for everyone to get involved and try out adapted equipment in an accessible and inclusive environment. Hear from the individuals and families who joined us on the day.

“Today has definitely been one for the memory box.” 

Louisa, whose son, Archie, lives with Duchenne muscular dystrophy says, “It was so emotional seeing Archie standing (with assistance) for the first time in six years. Being able to give him a hug is something I will always treasure, thanks to The Golf Trust.

“Trying out all kinds of cool equipment was a great experience. Seeing Archie on the driving range was an incredibly emotional moment. I’m so proud of him.” 

“The whole day felt fun, friendly, and most importantly, inclusive.”

Simon, who lives with myotonic dystrophy type 2, says, “I did play a little bit of golf last year, but I struggle with fitness and tiredness due to my health. The event was amazing for me. From my arrival to leaving, I was made to feel welcome. I really appreciated the effort everyone at MDUK put into taking the time to talk to me individually. That extends to the people who represented The Golf Trust too.  

“The whole day felt fun, friendly, and most importantly, inclusive. I was fortunate to work with a couple of the instructors closely on my golf and picked up so much good advice – I’ll have to try and remember it all!  

“I enjoyed it so much that I have already contacted Cae, from The Golf Trust, for further support and information on taking up golf regularly. It was so nice to experience the sport in such a warm and friendly group. It was perfect for me.” 

“It’s wonderful to know that golf can be accessible.”

Anna, who lives with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2T (LGMD2T), attended the day with her mum, Maggie, who said, “Anna absolutely loved the golf coaching and is very excited at the prospect of taking it further.”

“It was brilliant to take part in a sport that was a low-impact, outdoor activity, with such a social element.”

Anna’s reflects on her day, “The whole day was seamless. I was surprised to hear it was the first one that MDUK have organised! 

“My mum and I really enjoyed the event. We thought it was inspiring hearing from the golfer Jason Croucher who lives with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy about all his achievements. I plan to reach out to Cae from The Golf Trust about signing up for sessions at The Shire! 

“Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging throughout the day, it made all the difference. It was fab to meet the team from The Golf Trust and MDUK and enjoy a lovely lunch together.  

“Thank you for such a great experience.” 

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