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“The world’s not going to change and people aren’t going to be more aware unless you do something about it”

23 February 2023

Charlotte and James Chubb, who set up The Chubb’s Crusade – Understanding Ullrich, win the Fundraiser of the Year President’s Award for their fantastic fundraising efforts.

In their first year as a family fund, the Chubb family has raised over £30,000 for Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK), throwing themselves into a range of fundraising activities, as well as inspiring their network of friends and family to get involved. 

Charlotte explains that they felt driven to fundraise after their five-year-old daughter, Josie, was diagnosed with Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy

“When your child receives a diagnosis that there’s no cure or treatment, you feel super helpless as parents. So, fundraising felt like something we could do that’s proactive. MDUK was there for us after the diagnosis and have helped us build an invaluable support system. So, we thought we’d go out and raise as much awareness as possible.  

“It’s helped me and my husband James because although these things aren’t taboo, they aren’t always talked about. We’ve found it’s much better when you are open and honest and give people the reality of the situation because then people can understand and help you more.

“The community we have built around us through fundraising and people’s generosity have been overwhelming”

“We want to make spaces more accessible for everyone with a disability”

Since starting their fundraising mission, the family has also become strong advocates for the charity and are committed to raising awareness about muscle-wasting conditions and building a more inclusive society.  

Charlotte says she realised “the world’s not going to change and people aren’t going to be more aware unless you do something about it.”  

Favourite fundraising memories

The family’s fundraising highlight of 2022 was James’ UK Three Peaks Challenge when seven family and friends missioned it up Ben Nevis (1,345 metres), Scafell Pike (978 metres) and Snowdon (1,085 metres) in under 24 hours, raising £15,000 in the process. 

As well as running the Oxford Town & Gown, Charlotte also took on the London Marathon in October, raising over £6,000. 

She reflects; “The day of the marathon itself was incredible. Running up and over Tower Bridge was fantastic and my standout London sight. I was amazed at the amount of people who were on the streets cheering– it really does help. Knowing MDUK was there along the way and the added bonus of spotting family and friends got me through the tough miles.” 

The Chubb’s Crusade isn’t slowing down 

The family has lots of activities planned for 2023. They’ve taken part in Go Bright and will be doing MDUK’s Pedal Paddle Peak challenge and getting involved with the Microscope Ball.

“Through the Chubb’s Crusade we’d like to raise more awareness, open up people’s minds to different things, and just share our experiences of things, which helps others learn,” says Charlotte.

“To be recognised for our efforts is an extremely proud feeling for us” 

“Since Josie’s diagnosis in 2021, we‘ve made it a priority to support the needs of our daughter, but we also want to ensure that we contribute to raising awareness and funds for the whole MDUK cause.” 

The Chubb family say that they are honoured to receive the award and have loved getting more involved with the charity.  

James is a huge football fan and having grown up supporting Tottenham Hotspur football club, the couple were stunned speechless when Son Heung-min, Tottenham Hotspur player and South Korean international footballer, joined their virtual call to announce their award.  

During the call, Son told the family “This is incredible. I’m really happy to be here and listen to what you have done. I just want to say thank you.” 

Charlotte reflects, “Being a family fund with MDUK not only gives you the support and encouragement that is vital when fundraising, but also gives us a platform from which we feel we can promote awareness of muscle-wasting conditions.  

“We have been fully welcomed into the MDUK community and this has helped hugely when navigating and communicating our daughter’s diagnosis.” 

The President’s Awards judges admire how the family has thrown themselves into fundraising 

The judging panel highlight “We couldn’t help but be impressed with how, from a standing start, this family along with relatives and friends have taken on so many events and raised over £30,000. We are grateful for all their ongoing support.”  

The Fundraiser of the Year Award, one of MDUK’s six annual President’s Awards, celebrates the outstanding and creative achievements of an individual or group who have thrown themselves into raising funds for MDUK. As we’ve emerged from COVID-19 restrictions this year, our fundraisers have wasted no time in getting back to organising inventive and impactful fundraisers for MDUK.  

Our annual President’s Awards celebrate the fantastic contributions of our community members. Find out more about the awards and the winners here.

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