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Neuromuscular Clinical Networks managed by the NHS

There are currently five NHS-managed Clinical Neuromuscular Networks across the UK in England, Scotland, and Wales. We take part in these networks as members of the Steering Group and regularly attend member meetings and events held by the networks. 

South West Operational Delivery Network (SWNODN)

The SWNODN is a clinically driven network of doctors, allied health professionals, NHS managers, patients and their families, and other partners. Their aim is to improve the quality of care for people with muscle wasting and weakening conditions across the South West of England. 

The SWNODN was formed in 2009, following our report Building on the Foundations: The Need for a Specialist Neuromuscular Service across England, which highlighted inequalities in neuromuscular services available. Following a reorganisation by the NHS in 2012, the hosting arrangements of the SWNODN were moved to North Bristol NHS Trust. 

East of England Forum

We originally launched the East of England Forum in October 2013 as part of the Bridging the Gap project, following a Department of Health grant to secure neuromuscular service developments in the NHS. The forum meets to identify key service gaps for people living with muscle wasting and weakening conditions living in this region and ensures local examples of best practice are being shared across regional centres. 

North West Neuromuscular Network

The North West Neuromuscular Network was founded and is chaired by Dr Stefan Spinty, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. This network has transformed from an informal, unfunded network of clinicians in the North West of England to an NHS-funded Neuromuscular Managed Clinical Network, with a funded coordinator to drive forward the Network’s activities. 

Scottish Muscle Network (SMN)

The Scottish Muscle Network is a nationally managed clinical network for children and adults with neuromuscular conditions. The network was originally established in 1998 with charitable funding from our charity. SMN is currently funded by NHS National Services Division, and brings together health professionals, researchers, charities, and patients and their families. They work together to promote the delivery of equitable, high-quality care to all patients across Scotland. 

Wales Neuromuscular Network

Established in 2011, the WNMN provides support for people with neuromuscular conditions and their families, along with healthcare professionals and researchers across Wales. One of the key activities held by the WNMN is advocating for investment in essential resources and professional neuromuscular networks to improve quality of care.  

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Neuromuscular Clinical Networks manged by Muscular Dystrophy UK

We manage and support the coordination of five regional neuromuscular clinical networks across the UK.

Regional Neuromuscular Clinical Networks

Each regional clinical network and forum brings together NHS commissioners, people living with muscle wasting and weakening conditions and their families, expert neuromuscular clinicians, and allied health professionals. Find out more about the networks role, where they are and how we are involved.

Questions about our regional clinical networks

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