eLearning modules

Muscular Dystrophy UK has come together with leading neuromuscular specialists to develop CPD-accredited e-learning modules on neuromuscular conditions, including courses for non-specialist professionals.

Before taking these free e-learning modules we recommend that you first complete our online course providing an introduction to muscle-wasting conditions which you can also access here.


POD-NMD for Physiotherapists


POD-NMD (Physiotherapy Online Delivery Neuromuscular Disease) is a brand-new launch of what formerly known as OPEN-TACT – an online resource for therapists working with NMD in the community and in specialist centres to improve their knowledge around assessment and management of NMD and to promote best practice within the neuromuscular community. These include:

  • Modules covering assessment scales and management for each condition
  • A Virtual Clinic with video content to learn in an interactive way how to conduct a North Star Ambulatory Assessment (NSAA)

The POD-NMD module is CPD-accredited to help physiotherapists upskill.

Accessing the module

Sign up to POD-NMD via this link.


 E-Learning Module for Physiotherapist

MDUK worked with the joint Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education at Kingston University and St George's University of London, and the MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases at UCLH, to develop an online e-learning module on neuromuscular conditions for physiotherapists working with adults. This course is CPD-accredited to help upskilling physiotherapists in managing neuromuscular conditions.

The e-learning module for physiotherapists working with adults is available here.


E-Learning Module for Education Professionals


The module covers:

  • Overview of common problems associated with having a muscle-wasting conditions
  • How to identify challenges pupils might face


After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify the needs of a secondary school pupil with a muscle-wasting condition and where they need support
  • Identify how a muscle-wasting condition may affect a pupil’s ability to learn and how this can be managed
  • Know where to go and who to talk to for further advice and information

Accessing the module

You can sign up and take the e-learning module for education professionals via this link.


E-Learning Module for Occupational Therapists


The module covers a range of areas including:

  • How to support patients with Activities of Daily Living
  • Postural management
  • Transfers
  • Wheelchair needs


After completing this online e-learning module, you will be able to:

  • Provide an explanation of what a safe and suitable assessment is for neuromuscular patients
  • Understand the common issues which neuromuscular patients are likely to experience in trying to obtain a suitable wheelchair or home adaptations

Accessing the module

You can sign up and take the e-learning module for occupational therapists via this link.


E-Learning Module for Nurses

The purpose of this module is to provide a guide for non-specialist nurses on how to manage neuromuscular inpatients safely and effectively.


The nursing module covers the following:

  • Information on specialists involved in providing care for neuromuscular patients
  • Respiratory and cardiology care needs of neuromuscular patients
  • Specialist care for patients with genetic conditions
  • Specialist care for patients with acquired conditions


After completing this online eLearning module, you will be able to:

  • understand different types of muscle-wasting conditions
  • identify which health professionals are involved in providing care to people with muscle-wasting conditions
  • have an awareness of the specialist inpatient care required by people with muscle-wasting conditions

Accessing the module

You can sign up and take the e-learning module for nurses via this link.


 GP e-learning modules

Muscular Dystrophy UK and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) created the first ever online course for GPs on the presentation and management of neuromuscular conditions in primary care.

You can access the GP e-learning module here.


Palliative Care

This e-learning module has been created for any health care professional who would like to understand more about palliative care for people with muscule wasting conditions.

Access the palliative care module.