Neuromuscular Care Advisors and Specialist Nurses

Muscular Dystrophy UK provides support to neuromuscular care advisors and specialist nurses working with families affected by neuromuscular conditions.

We do this by:

  • Providing elearning resources – Access these modules, specific to non-specialist nurses, for an introduction to muscle-wasting conditions and how to manage neuromuscular inpatients safely and effectively.
  • MDUK Care Advisor Conferences – Our annual conferences for care advisors and clinical nurse specialists allow health professionals to hear updates on best-practice care and share thoughts on care improvements.
  • Providing regular updates – We update nurses and care advisors on the latest information on neuromuscular conditions through our mailing list.
  • Organising specialist-specific events and networking days – Through our neuromuscular networks, we often hold events that can best support the care advisor and nurse community in a specific area to encourage collaboration and improve communication.

Please contact if you are interested in joining our community to access this support.