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For non-specialist professionals

We have a range of resources for nonspecialist professionals. They’re important for helping you better understand your role in supporting individuals with muscle wasting and weakening conditions.

Provide life changing support

Our resources are here to help you provide life changing support to people living with muscle weakening and wasting conditions.

General Practitioners

Together with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), we created the first ever online course for GPs on the presentation and management of neuromuscular conditions in primary care. As part of our work in improving quality and outcomes for people with muscle wasting and weakening conditions, we are committed to working together with GPs across the UK, to ensure improved care for neuromuscular patients through local GP surgeries.

Acute and Emergency professionals

To support professionals working within the acute and emergency sector, we regularly hold webinars on management of neuromuscular conditions in emergency situations.

In autumn 2024, we will also be holding an event for acute and emergency professionals on management of paediatric neuromuscular care, to help improve your knowledge and understanding on anaesthetic and respiratory management of neuromuscular patients upon admission to the A&E.

We have also campaigned and produced reports on Ambulance Action – to encourage ambulance trusts across the UK to set up a flagging system to allow better response for neuromuscular patients in emergency situation.

Education Professionals

For professionals working in the education sector with students who live with muscle wasting and weakening conditions. Our CPD-accredited online course cover an overview of common issues associated with living with a condition and how to identify and manage challenges that students may face.

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If you have questions about our professionals upskilling our friendly campaigns team are here to help.