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Committees and Panels

Our Committees and Panels focus on specific tasks, provide detailed insights, and support the Board of Trustees to operate efficiently by leveraging specialist knowledge and dedicating time to governance and strategic issues.

The Joseph Patrick Trust

The Joseph Patrick Trust is our welfare fund. It provides grants that fund essential powered mobility equipment for people living with muscle weakening and wasting conditions. The management committee oversees the governance and administration of the fund. The panel reviews submissions against our eligibility criteria.   

Joseph Patrick Trust Management Committee

Julian Pritchard (Chair) 

Ian Gordon 

Robert Warner 

Joseph Patrick Trust Grants Panel

Robert Warner (Chair) 

Karen Duckmanton 

Jane Field 

Jane Freebody 

James Lee  

Patricia Lock  

Julian Pritchard  

Kirsty Read 

Finance Committee

Our Finance Committee oversees our financial health. It ensures our resources are used effectively to achieve our goals and mission.  

Joseph Gordon (Chair) 

Brigid Sutcliffe (Vice-Chair) 

Helene Crutzen 

Scott Keown 

James Lee 

Charles Scott 

Appointments and Remuneration Committee

Our Appointments and Remuneration Committee oversees the recruitment, appointment, and remuneration of senior staff. 

Professor Mike Hanna (Chair) 

Ian Gordon 

Charles Scott 

Lord Sharkey 

Brigid Sutcliffe 

Medical Research Committee

The Medical Research Committee assesses research grant applications and makes funding recommendations. It also scrutinises ongoing projects. Committee members have professional experience in healthcare or scientific research.  

Dr Gillian Butler-Browne PhD (Chair) 

Professor Tracey Willis MB CHB MD MRCPI, PhD, (Vice-Chair) 

Dr Arianna Fornili, PhD

Professor Rita Horvath, MD, PhD

Dr Meredith James, PhD

Professor Ketan Patel, PhD

Professor Linda Popplewell

Professor Oliver Pourquie, PhD

Professor Frédéric Relaix, PhD

Professor Laurent Servais, MD, PhD

Lay Research Panel

The Lay Research Panel is made up of people affected directly or indirectly by a muscle wasting condition. They do not need a scientific or healthcare background. The panel assesses research grant applications to ensure they are relevant to our strategy and people living with muscle wasting and weakening conditions.  

Peter Ashley (Chair) 

Alison Kay (Vice-Chair) 

Graham Cloke 

Richard Davenport 

Graham Gornall 

Alexa Gummow 

Victoria Houghton 

Corinthia Joseph 

Modupe Joshua 

Hannah Langford 

William Love 

Tammerin du Preeze 

Roli Roberts (Scientific Advisor) 

Andy Rose 

Amber Tirimanna 

David Towler 

Services Development Committee

The Services Development Committee advises the Board of Trustees on neuromuscular care and healthcare policy. It consists of key stakeholders such as consultants, allied health professionals, and people living with muscle wasting and weakening conditions. The committee meets quarterly to discuss treatment access, service commissioning, staff training, mental health support, and the Rare Disease Framework. 

Professor Deirdre Kelly (Chair) 

Sheila Hawkins 

Dr Chiara Marini-Bettolo  

Professor Francesco Muntoni  

Dr Jatin Pattni  

Dr Ros Quinlivan  

Lloyd Tingley  

Carolyn Young  

Tanvi Vyas  

Scottish Council

The Scottish Council advises the charity and ensures we have the resources, knowledge and voice to support people living with muscle wasting and weakening conditions in Scotland.  

Dr Sheonad Macfarlane BSc Med Sci, MB ChB (Chair) 

Lindsey Armstrong 

David Gale 

Catherine Gillies 

Elizabeth McHugh 

Gerry McMenemy 

Joe Moan 

Jodie Murphy  

Fiona Neale 

Allyson Townhill 

Jon Watkins  

Northern Ireland Council

The Northern Ireland Council advises the charity and ensures we have the resources, knowledge and voice to support people living with muscle wasting and weakening conditions in Northern Ireland. 

Claire O’Hanlon (Chair) 

Claire Boylan (Secretary)

Volunteer Steering Group

The Volunteer Steering Group provides guidance and support to the organisation’s volunteer network. 

Shiela Hawkins 

Bryan Gould 

Amanda Hayes 

Oliver de Laszlo 

Patricia Lock 

Claire O’Hanlon 

Andrew Robertson 

Special Events Committees

Microscope Ball Committee

Our flagship gala dinner is held annually at the Hilton Park Lane in London with over 700 guests from the property sector.   

Michelle Anthony (Chair) 

David Allen 

Matt Allen 

Jack Beeby 

Guy Bowring 

Lucy Burns 

Adam Cradick 

Rhys Davies 

Fraser Draycott 

Harry Foster 

Abigail Francis 

Charles Howard 

Scott Keown 

Lizzie Knights 

Jonny Lee 

Louise Loannou 

Tim Lumsdon 

Ben Miller 

Nick Moldon 

Matt Nimmo 

Rich Oliver 

Stephen Rigby 

Simon Tann 

Mark Tatam 

Trish Watson 

Andrew Wedderspoon 


Sports Quiz/Games Night Committee

The Sports Quiz/Games Night Committee helps our fundraising team organise games nights throughout the year, including our annual, star-studded quiz night hosted at Lord’s Cricket Ground. 

Vanessa Van Blerk 

Martin Cardoe 

Rich Cumbers 

Robert Driver 

Louisa Hill 

James Pearson 

Ravi Seesurrun 


Q Trust Committee

The Q Trust was established in 2001 by Mark Reynolds in honour of his friend Quentin Crewe. Mark’s dedication continued until 2005, when, sadly, he died from his own condition. His wife, Jemima, continued his legacy until she died in 2015. The Q Trust committee is now made up of the friends and family of Quentin, Mark and Jemima. The trust’s regular quizzes and dinners have raised millions for research into muscle wasting and weakening conditions.  

Sophia Bergqvist 

Candida Crewe 

Victoria Elliston 

Inez Gordon 

Rebecca Jennings 

Nicky Manby 

Alex Wellesley Wesley 


Charity Shoot Day Committee

The Charity Shoot Day Committee organise an annual clay pigeon shooting event at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School. It has raised thousands to transform the future of muscle wasting and weakening conditions.  

Jon Eaglesham 

Maria Gosende 

Nick Moldon 

Simon Tann 

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