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“I’d been looking for a fundraiser for my son… When I heard about Game On it was perfect!”

Danielle’s two sons participated in our Game On fundraiser, playing 12 straight hours on their Xbox. She tells us about their epic challenge and why it’s important  her oldest son Ryan, who lives with Becker muscular dystrophy, has ways that he can get involved in fundraising.

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My husband and I live in Nottingham with our two sons, Ryan and Luca. We love nothing more than spending a day at a theme park and travelling. Going on holidays and spending time together is really important, even more so since Ryan’s diagnosis.

Living our ‘normal’ life

Ryan is now 13 and was diagnosed with Becker muscular dystrophy when he was five. Fortunately, our 11-year-old son, Luca, doesn’t have the condition.

Day to day Ryan manages exceptionally well. We’re grateful he’s still active and able to enjoy a ‘normal’ life. He gets pain in his legs and arms, but he doesn’t let this stop him doing anything; a little rest and off he goes again!

Ryan has to do regular exercises and stretches at home and wears nighttime splints. We drive him halfway to school so he hasn’t got as far to go, as walking up hills increases his pain. If he’s having a particularly bad day, the school has a lift which he can use. Ryan sees his consultant once a year and her last advice was to continue living life as he is, so we are.

Playing games is something the whole family can enjoy

Ryan and Luca love nothing more than playing on the Xbox. They recently got headphones with a microphone which allows them to play together and connect with friends from school. Both boys like to have a race or a battle and let their competitive side show. They enjoy a variety of games, but the current favourites are Fortnite and Formula 1 racing. Football and Lego themed games are also winners in our house.  

In Ryan’s words, he likes gaming because “It’s fun and enjoyable, and if I win it makes me feel good. It makes you feel like you have achieved something.”

As a family, we also like a good board game and card game. Uno is the current favourite. The cards always come with us on holiday to enjoy whilst relaxing around the pool.

Game On is an accessible fundraiser for all

“Ryan and Luca completed 12 hours of gaming on the Xbox to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy UK. They loved it, probably more so as they were allowed to game for so many hours without being told they needed a break from the screen!”

But what a fun way for the boys to take part in fundraising.

I did a skydive for the charity in 2017 and had been looking ever since for an event that the boys were able to take part in. When I learnt about Game On it was perfect. Gaming and fundraising at the same time meant happy boys! We even managed to get my husband involved as we all played together for the last two hours.

I think it’s great having fundraising opportunities the whole family can get involved in.

“I’d love nothing more than a cure for muscular dystrophy to come out of all the amazing research that the fundraising contributes to.”

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Get involved in Game On

Like a board game night?  Or perhaps you love streaming on twitch? From Monopoly to Mario Kart, join the fun and get your Game On for muscle wasting conditions.

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