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Game On

Like a board game night?  Or perhaps you love streaming on twitch? From Monopoly to Mario Kart, join the fun and get your Game On for muscle wasting conditions.

Four steps to Game On

With Game On, you can host a gaming event to fit you, whether you’re young, old, solo, or in a group. At home, in your local pub, youth centre or school – there really is something for everyone. We’ll support you with great ideas on how to fundraise.

Decide how you’ll get your game on!

Online or in-person? At work or at home? League of Legends or chess tournament?

Create your challenge.

Will you try to beat the world record for longest game of monopoly, or take on a 24-hour twitch stream?

Set up your fundraising page.

Use our partner GivenGain to fundraise and climb to the top of our Game On leaderboard.

Share your challenge

Use WhatsApp, email, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to share your gaming challenge and GivenGain page. Make sure everyone knows what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Get your game on in-person

Host a board game night, level-up your Dungeons and Dragons session or donate some of your poker winnings!

Get your game on online

Minecraft, Call of Duty or Animal Crossing! Stream your favourite game or take on a gaming marathon, solo or in a group

How your money helps

For over 60 years we’ve provided life-changing support for people living with muscle wasting and weakening conditions, funded groundbreaking research and campaigned for people’s rights, access to treatments and better understanding of why muscles matter.

Hold free Information Days

Where you can meet other people affected by muscle wasting and weakening conditions and get expert information and advice.

Train our peer support volunteers

So you can speak to someone who knows exactly what you’re going through.

Fund vital research

To help us understand the conditions better and lead us to new treatments

Our helpline

Provide free information and emotional support through our helpline

Questions about Game On

Our friendly fundraising team are here to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.