About Trustees

One key way to help Muscular Dystrophy UK is to become a Trustee of the charity.

About Trustees

This is a voluntary role, but one that is challenging and central to the working of the charity. It is similar to being a director of a commercial company. You can also help us through your skills and experience by serving as a member of one of the Board committees. Many Trustees have said they found it a very good introduction to the charity to spend some time as a committee member before stepping up to the full Board.

The role of the Trustee

Muscular Dystrophy UK is governed by a Board of Trustees who come from a variety of backgrounds. They are united by their wish to create positive change for those living with muscle-wasting conditions. The Board currently has 13 members.

The Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for the long-term wellbeing of the charity and act as guardians of its assets. They must ensure that the organisation has a clear strategic direction, is properly managed and operates to high standards of governance.

The Board meets at least four times each year at Muscular Dystrophy UK’s head offices in London. Trustees also participate in informal events and serve on committees involved in specific areas of our work. As already noted, many trustees have found it helpful to serve on a committee (covering important areas such as Finance and Appeals) before joining the Board. The time commitment varies according to each Trustee’s circumstances and could be as little as two days each quarter, or one day a month. Trustees are unremunerated, though travel and associated expenses are reimbursed.

The job of the Trustee is a demanding and wide-ranging one. It requires good judgment, a commitment to the charity’s mission and an ability to work as part of a team with diverse skills and backgrounds. A sensitivity to the issues around the different roles of executives and non-executives is also important.

Becoming a Trustee is a significant responsibility and requires energy and commitment but it is also personally rewarding and a crucial element in the structure and success of the charity.

The work of a Trustee offers you an opportunity to use your skills and experience to support and guide our work. For some people, becoming a Trustee can also help in learning new skills.

How to apply

To become a Trustee, you must be a Charity Member (or prepared to become a Charity Member) of the charity and be either:

  • nominated by the Board
  • nominated in writing by regional or national groupings of the charity on the invitation of the Board
  • nominated in writing by five Charity Members  (no later than 28 days before the annual general meeting [AGM]).

Nominees are voted into office by the Charity Members at the charity’s AGM.

If you are interested in serving on a Committee or becoming a Trustee, please get in touch with Matt Biltcliffe at our London office.

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