Healthcare campaigns

Muscular Dystrophy UK works alongside individuals and families affected by muscle-wasting conditions, health professionals and NHS commissioners to improve healthcare in the UK.

People with muscle-wasting conditions need regular access to a variety of services within the NHS to meet their complex care needs. This ranges from receiving multidisciplinary care in a specialist hospital to receiving care in community settings, such as GPs and physiotherapy. We understand the importance of having the best care possible wherever you may need it and being seen by a healthcare professional that understands your condition.   

We currently run various campaigns on different areas of care to ensure no matter where someone lives in the UK they are safe in the knowledge that they will receive the best care possible.

Each of our campaigns focuses on a particular aspect of the patient pathway but our focus is always on the patient pathway in its entirety which feeds into everything we do, whether we are meeting with MPs and NHS decision-makers or speaking to members of the neuromuscular networks. Our work is now more crucial than ever given the delays and barriers to care many of you have faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For each area, we have published bespoke reports and policy positions which identifies key barriers to accessing individual areas of care to identify how best to help people with a muscle-wasting condition. Find out more and get involved in our work to improve NHS healthcare below.