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Martin Hywood was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle muscular dystrophy in 1996, he had just started a new job in the motor industry and had also just met his now wife; Michelle. It was devastating news which Martin did not take too well as he was told he would have to change his occupation for his own health and welfare.

Martin went down a whole new career path so he could see what was happening in an industry he believed he would be able to see change in and hopefully make a difference to others. Martin has worked in a Pharmaceutical company for over 10 years now and thoroughly enjoys it, a place where he gets huge support from his colleagues too.

In 2012 Martin launched the ‘Move a Mile for Muscles’ campaign with Muscular Dystrophy UK and has since become the very proud ambassador of the movement. Martin told his story of diagnosis and about living with the condition and that spread like wild fire on social media.

Martin and his family walked one solitary mile and raised £1000, since then he has gained a huge team of support, produced a star studded promotional film called ‘Muscles Matter’ took part in many events and has now raised over £150,000 for vital world class research.

Hywood’s Heroes was born; they are a group of selfless people willing to go above and beyond for others, the nicest people you’ll ever meet too!

Martin continues to be inspirational to others and growing his ever expanding team simply by talking to people and explaining to others how important it is that everyone should know about these rare conditions and that everyone should be compassionate and selfless at least just for a little while in their lives.

Martin says: “My diagnosis was horrible, I was surrounded by my whole family and yet I felt like I was the loneliest person in the world, I felt useless and knew, after some time, that I had to do something about this and hoped that what we do now will help others in the future to not go through the pain that we have as a family and that’s what we’ll keep doing because this group of fantastic people just keeps growing. I have found a massive positive out of something so negative and now I wouldn’t change a thing.

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