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Our Family Funds

Family Funds are a great way to raise funds as a family for our work. The money you raise could go towards research for a particular condition or help with research and support more generally, as well as provide direct support or equipment for your family.

What is a family fund?

Family Funds are a special way to support people close to you and a much wider group of people living with muscle wasting or weakening conditions. Our Family Funds are an incredibly important part of our community.  

As a Family Fund you will raise monies through fundraising activities that you take part in or organise with our support. You can choose to fund research into a condition that interests you. You can also reserve up to 20% specifically for your family’s welfare and support needs – such as buying a wheelchair or adapting your house. 

What does creating a family fund involve?

As a Family Fund, your family will organise and carry out all kinds of fundraising activities with our support. You’ll encourage your family, work and community network to get involved. You’ll be a key face of Muscular Dystrophy UK locally. And you’ll share your activities, messages, and stories on social media – perhaps in local and national media, too.  

Being a Family Fund is a fun, enriching and rewarding experience. It’s also a serious commitment. Family Funds tend to be among the most driven and passionate fundraisers we work with – because they have a real desire for research to progress quickly. 


Our Family Funds dedicate a lot of time and effort to raising funds. We recognise your efforts and provide the support to match. As part of this unique community, you’ll receive:

  • A dedicated Regional Development Manager 
  • Updates on the impact of your funds 
  • Invites to exclusive events where we bring together family funds to have fun and connect 
  • Your own specially designed Family Fund logo (with your unique Family Fund name) and a range of branded materials  
  • A regular stream of the very best and latest fundraising ideas 
  • Help with publicising your ideas and events

We also appreciate that people’s feelings and circumstances change. If you ever decide to retire your Family Fund, all you need to do is discuss it with your Regional Development Manager. There will always be a place for you in our community. 

Set up your own Family Fund

If you’d like to know more, simply fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch to help you decide if being a Family Fund is for you.