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Baking a Difference for my Dad

15 September 2023

For baking enthusiast Charlotte, organising a Bake a Difference event was the perfect way to fundraise. It also gave her the chance to talk to her friends and family about the impact of her own dad’s muscle wasting condition, and the importance of raising funds for future research.  

I decided to get involved with fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK) as my dad, Edward, lives with Becker muscular dystrophy. I know my fundraising helps support research, which is essential to the development of treatments for people living with muscle wasting conditions. The support and information that MDUK provides to people affected and their families is also invaluable.

So, I thought I could combine my love of baking and wanting to help fund all of this. Taking part in the Bake a Difference event also gave me an opportunity to spread information and raise awareness about muscle wasting conditions and how they can affect people and their families.

Starting my fundraising online

My fundraising plans were a little different from most peoples. I came up with the idea to create a WhatsApp group and then added my family and friends. I encouraged people in the group to add anyone they thought might also be interested in the Bake a Difference event.

I created a bake sale menu and asked if anyone in the group wanted to donate money in exchange for a box of delicious cakes and treats to enjoy. This gained a lot of interest, and I kept a record of all the things people requested.

Once I had a list of everything I needed to prepare, I spent the weekend baking and packaging up the yummy cakes ready for collection from my house.  

I also made extra cakes and sent them to my partner’s work with a box for his colleagues to make donations in exchange for the sweet treats.

Using my MDUK fundraising pack   

I used the Bake a Difference planning pack, which included resources like the Great British Bake Off ‘Guess the star bake’ game and a football World Cup sweepstake, to add some extra fun and increase donations. I used some of the money raised to create a cash prize which added a competitive spirit!

A chance to share useful information

I also sent lots of information to the WhatsApp group about MDUK and muscle wasting conditions to help people understand what it’s like to live with these types of conditions and how it can have an impact on families.    

  My family and I have witnessed firsthand how living with Becker muscular dystrophy means you have to adapt to every situation, and the way you gradually become weaker. I felt like I had a lot of information to give on the subject.

I also shared my fundraiser page and information on my social media to help spread the word.  

Why you should get involved too

If you’re thinking about organising a bake sale, I’d say go for it! Have lots of fun baking and experimenting with different recipes. You’ll enjoy hosting a coffee morning with some yummy baked goods and your close friends and family!

You can have a nice catch-up with people you love, eat some yummy cakes and treats (PS shop bought cakes are fine too, if baking isn’t your thing), all while helping towards a very important cause – what’s not to love!  

 Muscles matter – they do absolutely everything for us. So, get involved with Bake a Difference, spread some awareness, and raise some funds to help provide support and that all important research in the hope of finding effective treatments and cures.  

And remember…  

If you haven’t got the financial means to host a bake sale, you can still share information and raise awareness on social media, or even tell a friend or family member about MDUK and help them learn more about muscle wasting conditions.

Join in with people across the UK raising dough on Thursday 9 November to help us fund groundbreaking research and life changing support.

Sign up early for your chance to receive a free Bake a Difference tea towel.

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