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Supporting your patients

We have information, support services and publications to help you better support neuromuscular patients in your care. 

Speak to us

Our helpline provides free information and emotional support to anyone living with a muscle wasting or weakening condition as well family members, carers and friends. We’re here to provide information and assistance for you, your patients and their families.

Peer support

Connecting with someone who truly understands can make a significant difference. Our peer support volunteers have firsthand experience with muscle wasting or conditions. They provide a listening ear without judgement, offering your patients and their families the chance to connect with people who know exactly what they are going through.

Support groups

Our support groups are a safe and welcoming place. People affected by muscle wasting and weakening conditions can share experiences and meet people who understand what they’re going through. We provide both in-person and online support groups.

Information Days

Throughout the year we hold in-person Information Days across the UK. Your patients and their families can meet others, get expert information and advice, and find out more about the services and support that we offer. 


Our webinars on Zoom connect patients and their families with experts, allowing them to share experiences and ask questions. We also offer targeted upskilling webinars for healthcare professionals.


Information on exercising with a muscle wasting condition.

Fatigue management

Fatigue is a feeling of constant, overwhelming exhaustion, and weakness. It is a symptom of underlying conditions and not a condition itself. This means that it’s quite common for people with neuromuscular diseases to experience fatigue. We have resources for your patients experiencing fatigue as a result of their muscle wasting condition.

Mental health support

Being diagnosed with a muscle wasting condition can often mean adjusting to a new and unexpected reality. Living with a muscle wasting condition can have an impact on every part of your patients life, including their mental health and wellbeing. We have a number of resources for your patients mental health.