I'm in for Will

William Calvert loves superheroes and playing with his friends, just like other children his age. However, in December 2015 William’s family were given a diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy which sets William apart from his hero loving friends.

Williams parents, Caroline and Robert, had noticed that when William started walking he waddled slight as his left foot turned inwards – but that was not what led them to their diagnosis. His parents tell the story of his diagnosis:

It was actually a lump in his neck that led to blood tests that gave us the result of the condition. We had made an appointment about his walk but never got to it as we got the blood results first. over 2 months William was having tests for the unusual lump on his neck. The first results showed his liver enzymes were 16 times too high. After several more examinations, urine and blood tests we were told his muscle enzymes were 25,000 when they should only be 300. This led to the news of muscular dystrophy, we then had more tests to confirm it was Duchenne. We found out on Friday 18 December 2015, at the Centre for Life in Newcastle. 

Since William’s diagnosis, the family and their community have raised over £44,000 for the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund. Supporters of the family fund have taken part in skydives, zip wires and coastal walks, to family fun days, parties and formal dress balls.

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I'm in for Will Family Fund has chosen to put 20 percent of the funds they raise towards Will’s welfare needs. They send the remaining 80 percent to us, and have requested we put it towards research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


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