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We need everyone’s muscle power!

There are new heroes in this crisis. Not just the key workers we clap every Thursday but the many ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And for me, those heroes are YOU: the people running driveway marathons; kids baking a difference; people sharing isolation experiences; clinicians providing guidance; campaigners maintaining the rights of individuals regardless of their health conditions; and the volunteers offering their help. Wherever you are, we are with you as we face this pandemic together.

Over half our guidance and support now relates to coronavirus, and we have worked fast to respond despite having to furlough 60% of our staff, as we seek to ensure the financial future of MDUK. We continue to deliver a helpline, guidance and virtual events. And we have a skeleton fundraising team working day and night to recapture funds lost from events and partnerships.

We face the biggest threat in our 60 years, with a funding gap of £2.8m, just when our help is most critically needed. And that is where you come in, as we now need your collective muscle power. So that when we come out of this crisis, and thrive again (which we will), we will say that we did this ALL TOGETHER.

There are 3 ways you can help us

1. DONATE by text, phone or online
2. FUNDRAISE through our virtual Lockdown Fundraisers
3. SHARE your stories, pictures and videos to galvanise us to fight on and inspire others to join in

70,000 people in the UK who live with muscle-wasting conditions, and their loved ones, are relying on us. And there are many families, friends, colleagues and others who kindly support us. Just think how quickly we could fill this funding gap if every one of us DONATES, FUNDRAISES and SHARES?

“ALL TOGETHER NOW” needs everyone to lend your muscles for MDUK.

Because the lives of those we support matter.
Because it matters that we are here to support them.
Because everyone’s muscles matter.
And frankly, we are just stronger together.

Thank you,




Catherine Woodhead
Chief Executive

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